Alice Rene, a holocaust survivor storyAlice Rene, a holocaust survivor storyAlice Rene, a holocaust survivor story
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Becoming Alice, A Memoir
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Readers Say about this Holocaust Survivor Story...

Strongly recommended … a deftly written memoir that will hold the reader’s attention from beginning to end.
Midwest Book Review

This is a magnificent memoir and an impressive, courageous piece of work.
Judge, Writers Digest Magazine

of interest to anyone … easy to read and relate to … a beautiful job.
Reader Views

It is amazing, well written, impelling, descriptive, captures the events. Well done!
Western States Jewish History

 The book will be my top choice for my intercultural communication and identity course.
Professor, Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

A Story about the Struggle to Survive
A Holocaust Survivor Story

"Becoming Alice, A Memoir" is a holocaust survivor story initially experienced by a six-year-old Viennese girl. Little Ilse must overcome horrific hatred, life threatening danger, and a harrowing escape before she can embark on her life's path. Although written in the tradition of "The Diary of Anne Frank", "Becoming Alice" differs from that classic book in that it is a holocaust survivor story. For while it tells us about one Jewish girl's journey from darkness to light, the lessons it offers apply to all of us. This holocaust survivor story will inspire readers of any age and those that come from all walks of life.

Becoming Alice, A Holocaust Survivor Story

Six-year-old Ilse watches Nazi troops march down her street in Vienna, not knowing the tyranny of the holocaust will soon follow. With innocence and bewilderment she sees prejudice turn into life-threatening events for her Jewish family. Ilse survives a harrowing escape, an odyssey that takes her half way around the world to Portland, Oregon, and a struggle as a refugee to fit into the American landscape. Primarily a holocaust survivor story, "Becoming Alice" also showcases one girl's fight to heal from the challenges of a troubled family's problems.


BECOMING ALICE is a holocaust survivor story about a child who
overcomes Nazi tyranny to become the woman she was born to be.

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